Suzhou Yuzhenglong Textile Co., Ltd

Suzhou Yuzhenglong Textile Co., Ltd is an industry and trade integration business. is a

Raincoat Fabric Manufacturers and Car Cover Fabric suppliers

, Our head office and factory are located in the textile center of China, Shengze town where is close to Shanghai. We mainly produce and trade fabrics such as polyester taffeta, raincoat fabric, polyester oxford, polyester pongee, Car Cover Fabric, coated fabrics, bronzing fabric, outdoor sports wear fabrics, tarpaulin, sofa and curtain fabrics.
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Yuzhenglong Textile

In 2008, we set up our own import and export company and began to do export business. In 2009, with the increase of export orders, we expanded the production scale and added 300 new weaving machines.After 2017, the company's annual turnover has stabilized between 9 to 15 million of US dollars.

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Until today, we have many customers from different countries, such as Thailand, Bangladesh, Canada, Russia, Brazil, etc.

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