What are the Benefits of Polyester Oxford Fabric?

Update:06 Mar
Polyester oxford fabric is a type of fabric that is resistant to ultraviolet rays. It also has good heat insulation and moisture permeability.
Originally created in the United Kingdom, this fabric is used for heavy-duty applications like outdoor clothing. The polyester used to produce it is strong and thick.

Besides being waterproof, it is resistant to static electricity and flame retardant. Unlike nylon, it has good breathability and is easier to clean.
Another benefit of polyester oxford fabric is that it is durable and holds its shape. This makes it perfect for items such as furniture and clothing.

One of the most popular types of polyester oxford fabric is the 600D type. It is lighter in weight, but stronger than the 300D version. It is a preferred choice for backpacks and other outdoor apparel.

In addition to its great water resistance, this fabric is easy to clean and can be easily sewn with a standard foot. A thin black polyurethane coating is bonded to the backside of the fabric to provide complete water resistance.

Waterproof 600D Oxford fabric is ideal for a wide variety of projects, including curtains, marquee covers, and bags. Depending on the thickness, it is either soft or stiff.

The fabric is available in various colors, and it has an extremely durable finish. It can be machine washable and is a great choice for a variety of home decor projects.

Oxford cloth is made of nylon, polyester, or a combination of both. It can be used to make shirts, duvet covers, wall hangings, and other apparel. You can even use it to make screen panels.

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