What Is Taffeta Fabric?

Update:09 Jan
Known for its lustrous surface, crispness and stiffness, taffeta fabric is a versatile material that can be used for a wide variety of applications. The fabric is used in apparel, apparel lining, insulation, jackets, hats, and more.

Taffeta is an abrasion-resistant fabric. It is commonly used in tents, storage covers, cases, and apparel. It can be abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, and wind-resistant.
It is a semi-synthetic fabric, derived from a petroleum compound called ethylene. It is not as rapidly absorbed into the environment as fully organic fibers. The fabric is produced using a closed-loop extraction process.

Taffeta is a relatively expensive fabric. However, it is very durable and can retain its shape. It is used for dresses, blouses, and other special occasion apparel. It can be found in a variety of weights and textures.
Nylon taffeta is made of nylon fibers. It is typically laminated to a white microporous waterproof breathable coating. Nylon taffeta is durable, quick-drying, and easy to clean.

The material can be identified by its label. It is a thick and strong fabric with a smooth silk-like surface. Nylon taffeta is usually made from a high tenacity (HT) nylon. Nylon taffeta is a very strong fabric, and it is often used for outer shells, tents, cases, and storage covers. It is also used for kids' splash pants, as well as diaper bags.
Nylon taffeta can be found in several different types. These include full-dull nylon taffeta, heat sealable taffeta, and pocketing taffeta. For applications that require high water resistance or weight, Heat Sealable Taffeta is recommended.

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